Re: Some forms of Pashto letters are missing

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 12:01:36 CDT

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    Zabeeh Khan wrote:

    >> Unicode character names can never be changed, no matter how "wrong"
    >> anyone thinks they may be, because there are standards and
    >> specifications that rely on these names never changing.
    > Wow! what a great standard. huh!

    In the world of formal standards, sometimes you find yourself with
    conflicting requirements and have to choose the least troublesome
    alternative. This is not always the case for informal standards or
    local specifications.

    In the case of character names, there are (so I have heard) other
    standards that literally would not have adopted Unicode if it had not
    promised character name stability. Most people on this list have run
    into at least one example of a character name they wished could be
    changed, but understand the need for stability.

    Some people have also requested that existing characters be moved to a
    different code point, so they would sort better without using a
    collation algorithm. You can imagine how great that would be for

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