Unicode & ICANN Part 4

From: linuxa linux (linuxalinux@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 13:56:04 CDT

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    Thanks for the latest answers and criticism on the Unicode & ICANN postings on this list.

    Fyi, I said to the ICANN-family that they was nepotism because they were not showing equality when it cam to the multilingual internet/web, please view the equality concept outlined on my Unicode & ICANN Part 3 posting to this list. Why should ASCII based internet/web always be the primarily and conventional way for the internet/web? Non-ASCII languages should also become part of the internet/web infrastructure and Unicode.org and ICANN.org etc should make this a truly multilingual internet/web a reality.

    I now move to another topic and this is to ask the list if it is possible to get a different alphabet shape (and code point) on the english/european Unicode Table group/s that can allow the option to replace a particular english/european unicode alphabet at both upper and lower cases if the user / viewer wish? I can understand that there is not a precedent however would a public petition be the way? Please say what the requirements and procedures are? Also based upon this, please can someone say how ASCII can be altered also to accommodate this?



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