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Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 15:41:45 CDT

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    > List

    First, I want to insist, because Doug Ewell was too kind to do it,
    that your messages are quite confused and may trigger negative
    reactions because it is not clear at all what you mean.

    > Why should ASCII based internet/web always be the primarily and
    > conventional way for the internet/web?

    Well, on an Unicode list, I assume most people will agree that
    Unicode is better than ASCII :-)

    However, you put very different systems on the same level: the Web is
    Unicode almost from the beginning and it's certainly the Web that is
    the best internationalized system on the Internet (may be after the IM
    protocol XMPP). E-mail is probably on the other extremity as far as
    internationalization is concerned :-(

    > Non-ASCII languages

    See Doug Ewell's polite explanation of why it is wrong to mention
    "ASCII languages".

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