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From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 04:13:33 CDT

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    2008/10/9 Andrew West <>:
    > 1. My html page did not have a DOCTYPE declaration.
    > 2. I was wrongly using html style comments within the <style> block.
    > With either or both of these two features "writing-mode : tb-rl" works
    > fine, but "writing-mode : tb-lr" does not work at all -- very strange!
    > But when I add in a DOCTYPE declaration and change my comments within
    > the <style> block to /* C-style comments */ the tb-lr layout works

    After further experimentation with both my own test pages and
    Richard's (<>)
    I find that tb-lr only works in IE8Beta2 if a DOCTYPE declaration is
    present, even though tb-rl works whether a DOCTYPE declaration is
    present or not. I would classify this as a bug in IE8.

    However, if a DOCTYPE declaration is present, the huge downside is
    that IE8 no longer allows the page to select what font to use for
    rendering Mongolian text (whether using CSS font-family style or HTML
    <font> tag). So, on my Vista pc, when a DOCTYPE declaration is present
    Mongolian text is always rendered using Mongolian Baiti regardless of
    what font I specify in the HTML or CSS. And of course, as the
    long-standing bug with the IE being unable to configure what font to
    use for Mongolian (see
    <>) is
    still unfixed in IE8, it is impossible to configure what font to use
    for Mongolian text from either the server or the client side, which I
    would call a double-bug in IE8.

    Unless, that is, you omit the DOCTYPE declaration form the page, in
    which case IE8 does respect the font choice specified in the HTML or
    CSS. So you can either have tb-lr layout but no way of selecting what
    Mongolian font to use, or be able to select the Mongolian font to use
    but not be able to have tb-lr layout .... grrrr!

    Incidentally, this problem does not occur with Phags-pa (see
    <>), presumably because
    Microsoft does not yet have a Phags-pa font that it wants to force
    users to use instead of their preferred font.


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