Re: N3469 typo and questions

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 19:52:58 CDT

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    Leo Broukhis wrote:

    > N3469 is the Amd. 6 proposal to encode the Japanese TV (ARIB) symbols.

    You're looking at the wrong document at this point. The proposal
    was already incorporated into PDAM 6.2 (= N3479), and now (as of last week),
    even that document will be superseded, as the amendment goes on
    to its FPDAM ballot. See N3546 for the summary of the charts
    as input to the FPDAM for Amendment 6.

    > First, to make this message useful: there is a typo on page 13: the
    > property line for 26F3 says "FLAG IN POLE" instead of "FLAG IN HOLE".

    This was already fixed in the names list that was under ballot in
    Amendment 6.

    > My questions are about the choice of descriptive vs semantic canonical
    > names for characters.
    > E.g. why is 26D2 "CIRCLED CROSSING LINES = road closed" vs 26D4 "NO
    > ENTRY" (rather than, say, "black circle with heavy white horizontal
    > bar"?
    > Why is 26EE "GEAR WITH HANDLES = power plant or power substation" vs
    > 26ED "FACTORY" (rather than, say, "gear with long cogs") - and why is
    > it disambiguated from 2699 "GEAR"? Isn't that just a presentation
    > difference?

    There was a long discussion about that already, occasioned by
    a German NB comment on names for this and similar symbols in
    the ballot. 26ED's name was changed in the last ballot resolution.

    > 26F6 "SQUARE FOUR CORNERS = intersection" vs 26DA "DRIVE SLOW"? Maybe
    > 26DA "SQUARE FOUR CORNER DOTS = drive slow"?
    > mountain" -> 25B2?
    > And, finally, 26FB"JAPANESE BANK SYMBOL"?! What happened to avoiding
    > references to nations in character names (cf. U+262B)?
    > Let it be "vertical bobbin with rounded ends" or something.

    Because that one actually *is* a Japanese bank symbol -- not
    a symbol for Japanese banks, but a symbol for banks, used in


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