Re: Proposal to change the script allocation rules for the BMP and SMP

Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 23:34:52 CST

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    Quoting "Benjamin M Scarborough" <>:

    > Karl Pentzlin wrote:
    >> It is desirable that such extensions could be added to the BMP to
    >> have them together with the already encoded letters of the scripts.
    > What's wrong with the supplementary planes? Having to use surrogate
    > pairs for a character isn't the end of the world.
    > And I, for one, am not against putting Latin Extended-E in the SMP.

    Whilst the origninal intent of the BMP was to cover the 65k most
    useful characters. Even if it is eventually prove that 65k characters
    are all that a needed for contempory text, those 65K will not all be
    in the BMP.

    The solution is for support for all 17 unicode planes to become the
    norm, so that the BMP becomes what it should be one plane among equals.

    John knightley

    > --Ben Scarborough

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