Re: Question about the directionality of "Old Hungarian" (document N3531)

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2008 - 03:05:48 CST

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      "Peter Zilahy Ingerman" <>

    > Perhaps I'm being confused ... it's been a long time ... but I seem to
    > recall that there are, actually, two types of boustrophedon.
    > If memory serve me correctly, the older type mirrored the characters on
    > the right-to-left line, but the newer type didn't, although the line
    > was, nonetheless, written from right to left.

    The second kind sounds awkward to me - though it's probably the only way
    to print boustrophedon using normal type.

    Boustrophedon text in a sense has *no* directionality. Suppose you
    reformat a block of Boustrophedon text, words that are on one line may
    end up on the previous line or on the next - in either case the text
    needs to change directionality dependent on the line it ends up on.

    IMO the Rovas stick examples which Dr. Gábor mentioned are not really
    "boustrophedon" since there is only a single line of text on a side.

    - Chris

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