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Date: Mon Nov 03 2008 - 02:31:57 CST

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    Kent Karlsson wrote:

    > Bidi_Mirrored is for handling Arabic, Hebrew and similar scripts.
    > It's NOT for handling bustrophedon, which mirrors *all* glyphs (once)
    > on every second line. Bidi override controls never mirror characters
    > which have Bidi_Mirrored=FALSE. Also the bidi overrides do not go well
    > together with bustrophedon and automatic line breaking. Bustrophedon
    > is simply a quite different beast from Arabic/Hebrew/etc. Bustrophedon
    > should simply graphically mirror the entier line, every second line.

    > /kent k

    For several years as a child I used to naturally write English
    boustrophaedon - until my teachers eventually managed to "cure" me of
    the habit. From my own experience, I'd say boustrophaedon is a natural
    way for some people to write until someone tells them writing should be

    For right handed people, writing left to right means that your hand
    doesn't smudge what you have already written. This doesn't work for me
    though since I'm also left handed - which is another thing my teachers
    tried to cure me of.

    - Chris

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