RE: Question about the directionality of "Old Hungarian" (document N3531)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sun Nov 02 2008 - 09:15:13 CST

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    Szabolcs Szelp wrote:
    > Not considering bustrophaedon,
    > even in the described standard behaviour of OH of having the
    > characters mirrored when overriden LTR, I believe it is problematic
    > that one has to replace the punctuation characters.
    > Usually one would think of the LTR and RTL in OH as the same text with
    > the same information, ie. the same string of characteres, only
    > displayed differently (i.e. other text-flow direction, and mirrored).
    > So why do we have to use other characters?

    Bidi (in the Unicode sense) and bustrophedon (while in a quite different
    way "bidirectional") are unrelated and should not be conflated in any way.

    > The passage in the current proposal authored by Michael and me
    > contains the passage above cited by Karl, it was included on grounds
    > of verbal communication of Michael about the preference "by the
    > committee".
    > However, I do believe that it should be open for discussion.
    > Karl suggested (privately) having the punctuation included in the OH
    > block, alongside with the Bidi_Mirrored=Yes property.

    Naa. Bidi_Mirrored is for handling Arabic, Hebrew and similar scripts.
    It's NOT for handling bustrophedon, which mirrors *all* glyphs (once)
    on every second line. Bidi override controls never mirror characters
    which have Bidi_Mirrored=FALSE. Also the bidi overrides do not go well
    together with bustrophedon and automatic line breaking. Bustrophedon
    is simply a quite different beast from Arabic/Hebrew/etc. Bustrophedon
    should simply graphically mirror the entier line, every second line.

            /kent k

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