Re: apostrophe plus acute accent (side by side, as a single diacritic placed above C and G)

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Date: Wed Nov 05 2008 - 03:31:31 CST

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    On 2008.11.04, 20:42, Benjamin M Scarborough
    <> wrote:

    > I would think that <c, U+0313, U+0301> or <g, U+0313, U+0301> would
    > give you the diacritic you want, but I haven't heard of any
    > side-by-side diacritic positioning rules described for Latin, so it may
    > render as an acute _above_ a comma, and I'm sure that isn't what you're
    > looking for.

    What about U+0063 U+0301 U+031B? Character U+031B COMBINING HORN has
    combining class 216 [Above right attached].

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