What to call it (was: Re: Boustrophedon (was: Re: Question...))

From: Doug Ewell (doug@ewellic.org)
Date: Thu Nov 06 2008 - 21:36:38 CST

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    Regarding the name to be given to the Old/Szekler/Hungarian

    1. People who wish to use this script in its Unicode encoding will use
    it, regardless of what it's called in the standard.

    2. The word "old," particularly in reference to the world's writing
    systems, is not negative or derogatory in English.

    3. Unicode is not a marketing agency for the world's writing systems.
    The job of the UTC and WG2 is to not to promote this script, but to
    provide an encoding and implementation guidelines for it, and label it
    with a name that is accurate, not misleading, and not actively
    derogatory. Unless "Old Hungarian" can somehow be considered actively
    derogatory, I think the energy being put forth to give it a different
    name should instead be focused on reaching agreement on the details of
    the encoding itself.

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