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Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 00:13:23 CST

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    Dear Colleagues,

    Michael Everson seems to discuss correctly, however, he tries to degrade
    the opposite side.

    I wrote:
    >> Referring to the sources in the WWW, there are many examples for the
    use of "Rovas" in English.

    M. Everson stated:
    > It's certainly the case that it appears on your own web pages. One has
    > noticed that you have been recently making an effort to increase the
    >number of such citations, for instance on the Wikipedia. This does not
    mean that the

    Naturally in our home page we use our term (Szekler-Hungarian Rovas).
    However, there are many unrelated web sites that uses the term "rovas" or
    "rovás" for this script. E.g.: [rovas] [rovas] [rovás]

    And so on. They have been used this term for a long time.

    Acording to the Wikipedia, Michael Everson is that person who uses
    extensively the Wikipedia to enforce his own view onto the world. He has
    made his own page: and
    carefully maintains it every day. There have been also 12 translations,
    the Hungarian version was created by his friend, Ádám Joó.

    In fact Michael Everson tries to enforce his will to our user community
    in the question of the naming.


    Dr. Gabor Hosszu, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
    Dept. of Electron Devices, BME

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