Re: Accents of the same combining class displayed side by side

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 02:06:38 CST

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    On 7 Nov 2008, at 02:41, Doug Ewell wrote:

    > As some have already pointed out, there are letters used in
    > Vietnamese that have diacritics positioned side-by-side, or at least
    > "sort of" side-by-side. The precomposed forms of these letters
    > decompose to the base letter, plus the first diacritic, plus the
    > second diacritic. Of course, these decompositions are immutable.

    And indeed, Vietnamese does not, therefore, have this problem, because
    the pre-composed glyphs can be counted on to be used ti provide the
    correct glyphs.

    > I would consider it strange if a different application of the Latin
    > script were to indicate the side-by-side rendering explicitly, by
    > means of a special "combining mark joiner" control character, while
    > Vietnamese text would not. It would be inconsistent and surprising,
    > and it might make developers of fonts and rendering engines think
    > the marks are not to be rendered side-by-side *unless* the control
    > character is present, which would cause decomposed Vietnamese to be
    > rendered in the non-preferred way.

    There is no real problem, if you want to do it this way, providing
    that there is no push-back when we propose pre-composed some side-by-
    side diacritical marks. (We already have precedent for this in a few
    UPA diacritical marks, so perhaps this will not be problematic.)

    > I don't know how widespread Teuthonista is, but about 44 million
    > people read Vietnamese.

    The Vietnamese don't have a problem for the reason stated.

    Michael Everson *

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