RE: Question about the directionality of "Old Hungarian" (document N3531)

From: Ruszlan Gaszanov (
Date: Sun Nov 09 2008 - 13:55:36 CST

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    > I don't know what you exactly refer to, as I have seen not a single scholarly work
    > dealing with it in LTR, as you claim. Though most scholarly work does not have editions
    > of text useing OH _type_ anyway, rather they use illustrations only and at most single
    > OH letters embedded into Latin when discussing them.

    Well, I've seen a few historical texts reproduced in Word files using custom rovásírás fonts that were written LTR. But I guess LTR directionality was chosen mainly due to technological limitations of the era, since the software used in Hungary during 1990's wasn't very well suited for handling RTL text.

    > Actually, when you say, you grew up there, I cannot know when you left the country,
    > but popularity of the script has increased in the recent years. However, it is still
    > confined, and you wouldn't expect to see it regularly on the streets.

    I've left for France in 2004. As I said, I've never seen rovásírás except in museums and scholarly works on history. But then again, I guess I've just never came in contact with any of the subcultures you mention.

    > Btw. a nice combination you've got in your name: Turkic given name, Russian surname, both
    > spelled in Hungarian...

    Actually my last name is also Turkic (Azeri to be precise) - most Turkic last names got Russian -ov/-ova suffices in the Soviet Union. My name was simply a victim of two transliterations as my first ID card was issued in Hungary based on the official translation of my Russian (Soviet) birth certificate ;) Hence "Ruslan Həsənov"/"Руслан Һәсәнов" (proper Azeri spelling) becomes "Руслан Гасанов" in a Russian document and then becomes "Ruszlán Gaszanov" in a Hungarian translation of the Russian text.


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