RE: Punycode at ASCII for IDN & MDN via Y2K Project Management

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Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 17:15:49 CST

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    > Subject: RE: Punycode at ASCII for IDN & MDN via Y2K Project Management
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    > Date: Sunday, 9 November, 2008, 10:21 PM

    > ......ASCII domain names *are* in fact
    > punycode domain names
    > by definition.

    That's the problem and the reason for Punycode2 allowing ASCII registrations to be Punycoded via Punicode2.

    > As soon as you want to encode ASCII characters with
    > something else, you'll
    > need a new parallel DNS infrastructure and at this point a
    > new version of
    > DNS protocol that works.......

    You got this wrong because when you Punycode via Punycode2 ASCII registrations you will have ASCII letters however they will be in machine code, same as IDN thus equal virtue and for ASCII registrations to be viewed they will be viewed similarly as IDN (Internationalized Domain Names / Internationalised Domain Names) and here also equal virtue.

    > .......But the bottom line is that there is no
    > way to develop a
    > "new punycode" encoding ASCII domain names with
    > something else then ASCII
    > and implement that on existing DNS infrastructure without
    > completely
    > breaking the Internet, period.

    Again you are putting something which I have not said for Punycode2. While you wait for learning curve developments, I suggest you use ASCII based letters for Punycode 2 however you machine code the ASCII registrations like you are doing with IDN.

    I am not a technical expert, however based on what I have gleaned can I suggest the 2 IDN algorithms: ToASCII and ToUnicode perhaps would need tweaks hence ToASCII2 and ToUnicode2 with perhaps ASCII registrations needing also an ACE sort prefix, say yn-- similar to xn-- that are put for IDN. This development could then allow MDN (Multilingual Domain Names) that would help the users that are multilingual / would like multilingual text at domain name platform.

    I hope this signals to you the urgency that is required for implementing.




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