Re: Why people still want to encode precomposed letters

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Sun Nov 16 2008 - 03:04:00 CST

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    2008/11/16 Raymond Mercier <>

    > Andrew Cunningham writes

    > Unfortunately it's not that simple. The attached shows the result with
    > Doulos SIL, a few characters *in this font* combined with U+305. Doulos
    > is supposed to meet the needs of combining diacritics, but plainly doesn't.
    > I am using Word2007 on XP pro.

    Actually it is that simple. For a font to work, there needs to be anchor
    points and attachments for the base character and combining diacritic. My
    understanding is that SIL surveyed their members, developed a repertoire of
    characters to include support for.

    Microsoft typography team did something similar when they developed the
    repertoire of base character / combining diacritic support.

    The combinations of base character and combining diacritic(s) supported is a
    decision of the font developers. No font will support all theoretical
    combinations, maybe ot even most. What they will try to do is add the
    combinations that fullfill the purpose fo the font.

    At least that's my take on the situation. As I see it,if you are using an OS
    with the rendering/layout support needed, it is then a font issue.


    Andrew Cunningham
    Vicnet Research and Development Coordinator
    State Library of Victoria

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