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Date: Sun Nov 23 2008 - 05:37:06 CST

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    there would indeed be no end to it, but if the spec were restricted to known combinations found in natural languages with alphabetic orthographies, the list needn't be that long
    this list could encompass ligatures as well as characters with diacritical markings, and include ligatures with diacritical markings  --  maybe not three tied characters, though, unless it was clear that they were few in number  --  and probably not vowel shaping
    such a list would be an asset to font designers
    and it would help re-assure users of minority languages that their needs are known, and will (eventually) be met
's website would be suitable repository
    apparently the list cannot be named "namedsequences.txt"  --  OK, how about "knowncombinationsfoundinnaturallanguageswithalphabeticorthographies.txt"?
    unless, of course, someone has a better suggestion   . . .   /phil

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    That is *not* the intended purpose for namedsequences.txt. I don't think it
    would be a good idea to start filling it with combining mark sequences --
    there'd be no end to that.


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    2008/11/17 <>:
    >>> The combinations of base character and combining diacritic(s)
    >>> is a decision of the font developers. No font will support all
    >>> combinations, maybe ot even most. What they will try to do is add
    >>> combinations that fullfill the purpose fo the font.
    >> There is no guidance or help for font developers. So they just make
    >> in the code charts.
    > Which of course begs the question where such guidance should be kept .



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