Why people still want to encode precomposed letters

From: Karl Pentzlin (karl-pentzlin@acssoft.de)
Date: Sat Nov 15 2008 - 11:57:45 CST

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    I am just writing a mail to someone in Russia who suggests to encode a
    "barred o with macron" which is used in the Orok language.
    Trying to explain to him that the encoding of such letters is not
    needed, as sequences like U+04E9 U+0304 are appropriate, I have created
    a little Internet page to prove this: http://www.pentzlin.com/Orok.html

    I am horrified to see the result, using a computer with the newest
    version of Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer (see attached
    Orok.png). Firefox does not perform better.

    Thus, sequences like U+04E9 U+0304 are NOT appropriate to fulfil the
    user's needs, as long as leading operating systems behave like this
    more than 10 years after Unicode has decided no longer to accept
    precomposed characters.

    Microsoft et al., PLEASE do your homework! Please do it RIGHT NOW!

    - Karl Pentzlin


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