Re: wrong ccc for 0602?

From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2008 - 05:18:03 CST

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    I know, that changing these things is difficult,
    and as shown on the pictures: 'ccc 0' is used on the
    bottom of the page (in front of the *footnote*).
    So my question was: Do we need an ADDITIONAL char
    for the marker ABOVE the last letter in the *text'?

    verdy_p wrote:
    v> "Arno Schmitt" wrote:
    >> The Arabic footnote marker 0602 is in the canonical combining class 0
    >> I have taken some pictures from a proposal by Dr. Attash Durrani on Nuqta Chars that
    >> show the traditional way of using the marker.
    >> In the text the marks are used as belonging to ccc 230, on the bottom like belonging to ccc 0.
    >> Is it okay as it is, or do we have to encode a additional "Arabic high footnote marker"?

    v> What ever it is, the existing ccc can't be changed (for stability
    v> of canonicalization). Such layout has to be
    v> handled specifically in fonts or with higher-level text
    v> formatting. However, you may argue that this specific
    v> marker is different and could be encoded differently, for the traditional use of the marker.

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