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Date: Thu Nov 27 2008 - 14:40:36 CST

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    Arno Schmitt wrote:

    > So, I can reassure you that in real life, South Asian
    > Muslims did not use two digit above footnote markers;
    > they used three different footnote marker with each
    > up to 9 digits. When there are more than 27 notes
    > appear on a page, the (xx) method is used.

    Thanks for the helpful images.

    Even if only one numeral is used with the raised footnote mark, it will
    still require some careful glyph juggling: not difficult, but certainly
    specialised. Crucially, though, the raised footnote mark needs to be
    encoded distinct from the baseline footnote sign. So the next step would
    be to write a proposal for this character.


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