RE: HKSCS supplementary examples

From: tex (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 00:37:39 CST

 Hi Mark,
I will take any examples I can use as examples of must-have characters to justify to business people that the work to support supplementary characters is needed.
I think pointing to names of locations on a map is a good, visual, justification.
JIS examples will also work.
I just need to make the connection between the characters and the need,  that is understandable and is an obvious requirement.
Do you have a couple examples?
Do you want only HKSCS supplementaries, or also JIS supplementaries?


My understanding is that some of the HKSCS characters in the supplementary plane are needed for addresses (street names) or certain individual names in HK.
Can someone identify for me some street names, or for that matter any addresses or a current or past historic figures that make use of characters from the supplementary plane?
In motivating (business) people to support 4-byte utf-8 or full utf-16, it would be helpful to have some concrete (business) examples to point to.
It would be great to point at a map and show some locations that use/require supplementary characters…


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