Re: need examples of one-to-one code point correspondence exceptions

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 20:20:38 CST

*All* the characters in the Chinese National Standard GB/T20524-2006
"Tibetan Coded Character Set Extension A" map to sequences of two or
more Unicode characters.

农林小气候观测仪(GB/T20524-2006) <>

It should be noted that this national standard was created after Tibetan
script had already been encoded in the ISO 10646 /Unicode Standards.

- Chris wrote:
> I have just subscribed and I think it never got through the first time,
> but in case this mail has been already sent, my excuses for the
> multiple posting.
> Dear Unicode mailing list members,
> can anybody give
> me examples in which one code point in another standard corresponds to
> a sequence of code points in Unicode and vice versa, with the
> explanation of the reason why the one-to-one code point correspondence
> policy exception has been made by the Consortium regarding those
> examples?
> Thank you,
> Suhel Jaber

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