RE: Ordering of scripts in DUCET?

From: Harold S. Henry (
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 18:46:42 CST

Thank you, Mr. Kenneth Whistler and M. Philippe Verdy, for your extremely
prompt and very informative answers to my question!

My curiosity was prompted by the desire to reproduce the default sort order
represented by DUCET using sort keys based on script, so that the sort keys
would continue to be usable under future versions of Unicode. I'm
contemplating a distributed data environment in which it will be difficult
to update indices consistently and reliably as Unicode continues to develop.

Thus, if it were possible to assign 8-bit numbers to scripts (particularly
in the BMP) that could be relied on to express the ordering of scripts
equally well in the future, this would be useful. However, I do understand
the CLDR localization issues that M. Verdy discussed, which make it somewhat
more difficult to anticipate where the new scripts proposed for the BMP
would best be collated.

I believe the issue is somewhat less pressing for other planes, since in
many cases the volume of text that one might anticipate is much smaller, and
performance is therefore somewhat less an issue.

Once again, thank you for rapid, useful answers!

--Harold Henry

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