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Apropos of John Jenkins comment below, which I fully agree with, and as
I am not a speaker or reader of Chinese I need a bit help to construct a
sensible message for a bar code example with uses characters both from
the BMP and the SIP.

I have developed a Unicode 5 based bar code called Ultracode with is in
the last stages of becoming and International Symbology Specification to
be issued by AIM Global. The AIM Global Technical Symbology Committee
has drafted nearly all the standards for bar code both in common use and
ultimately standardized by ISO. We have just completed Grid Matrix (GB
2812-1980 based) and are now looking at Chinese Sensible Code (GB 18030
Ultracode is a 2-D constant height, variable length, error correcting
bar code designed as a replacement for linear bar codes. It has 3 unique
characteristics: It is designed to suppost Unicode 5 natively; is
extremely damamge resistant and can be printed by low quality printing
processes such as a spray can and stencil. I would be haapy to provide
more information on Ultracode upon request.
Attached is an example of an Ultracode symbol containg a haiku by Basho.
Both the Shift-JIS and Unicode encodings are given; Unicode was encoded
here from UTF-8 input.
To show the encoding flexibility operating across more than code plane,
I need a 10-20 character Chinese message using characters from both the
BMP and the SIP. I'd like to see primarily BMP characters, with both
isolated SIP characters and groups of 2 or more consecutive 
SIP characters.
What I would like assistance on is:
	1. Drafting the message and Unicode codepoint string
	2. A JPEG or similar file of the printed characters
These would be included as an example in the final Ultracode
Please feel free to respond to me off line at
Thanks for you consideration
Clive P. Hohberger, PhD
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Zebra Technologies Corporation
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How about this, then, Tex:
One of the projects that the IRG undertook is to identify the core set
of ideographs which *must* be supported on a platform in order to
satisfy modern needs.  This set of 9810 ideographs includes 62 from the
Basically, this set represents what the best experts in the world on the
subject of ideographic repertoires on computers have to say.  They say
that these 62 must be supported to minimally meet modern needs.
This obviates the need to do any research to justify the characters in
question; people better qualified than we are have already done that.
John H. Jenkins
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