Re: Emoji: Public Review December 2008

From: Ed Trager (
Date: Sat Dec 20 2008 - 16:50:21 CST

> In any event, I don't think that there's much disagreement that encoding
> emoji like this is rather inelegant (to borrow language from mathematics).
> I don't recall anybody being at all enthusiastic about it. The fundamental
> problem is, as Ken points out, that these entities are being treated as
> characters by a large number of people and it needs to be possible to
> interchange and archive the text containing them.
> By this point, it's spilled milk under the bridge, and in the end, we're
> going to have to bite the bullet and add this to the list of ugly things
> that got added to Unicode even though proper advance planning would have
> obviated the need to do so (most of Latin Extended Additional, Greek
> Extended, a large chunk of CJK Extension B, precomposed Hangul, Roman
> numerals, circled digits, both the ears-out and ears-in versions of 說 et
> al., language tags, numeral formatting controls, all those darn spaces,
> Arabic Presentation Forms, lots of miscellaneous dingbats, Halfwidth and
> Fullwidth Forms, Kangxi Radicals, and lots of others that I can't think of
> at the moment).
> =====
> John H. Jenkins

I can't believe that the Unicode Consortium is seriously considering
encoding emoji ... how sad! Can't some other group other than the
Unicode Consortium be responsible for emoji?

I agree with John regarding the superfluous nature of many of the
additions to Unicode that he mentions -- excepting the Kangxi
radicals. There was definitely a need to have the Kangxi radicals
encoded. However, if what you mean to say is that it was unecessary
to re-encode the subset of Kangxi radicals that look exactly like
their hanzi character counterparts, then I agree with that. But of
course there are other radicals, such as the "san dian shui" version
of water that look different than the regular "water" character and
absolutely deserved to be encoded in Unicode just as was done.

I see there is now some "emoji4unicode" list. Can we please also have
a No_Emoji_In_Unicode list too? Please?

Happy Holiday Wishes to Everyone -- Ed Trager

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