Re: Emoji: Public Review December 2008

Date: Tue Dec 23 2008 - 02:02:13 CST

Quoting "Kenneth Whistler" <>:

>> (If your e-mail system does not support UTF-8, how will
>> inclusion of emoji in Unicode generate correct display
>> on your system?)
> The fact that I'm stuck with a corporate engineering Unix network
> set to ISO 8859-1 is not relevant actually. If I wanted
> to *display* the email, I would forward it to a Windows
> Vista system.
>> A search engine which disallows PUA string searches and fails
>> to index PUA web pages does a disservice to its users, in my
>> opinion.
> Good luck with that. Private use is *private*, from the point
> of view of global text search engines. If you want a search
> engine that works with your particular private use, you
> are always free to write one. ;-)
>> It's been alleged that some of this material is leaking out of closed
>> systems and infiltrating databases and so forth.
> More than alleged. We have multiple vendor testimony that this
> is becoming a major headache for them.

The appearance of PUA characters in text should not be a major problem
for vendors, PUA characters appear in a large number of contexts, many
major vendors themselves use PUA characters.

Based on this as James mentioned any widely used PUA character set
should be candidates for proposal once logo's and similar disallowed
characters have been removed.


>> Of course, one
>> solution would be to find and plug those leaks.
> Plug the leaks between iPhones and the internet? Umm, good
> luck on that one, too.

> --Ken

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