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From: Julian Bradfield (
Date: Sat Dec 27 2008 - 05:52:10 CST

On 2008-12-26, David Starner <> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 11:58 AM, Mark E. Shoulson <> wrote:
>> And I, too, am frustrated that such things get pushed through when actual
>> scripts in use to write language go begging.
> Personally? Which unencoded scripts out there actually have existing
> fonts and typesetting systems (i.e. real users who really want to use
> them on the computer)? Tengwar? Klingon? Egyptian Hieroglyphics? I am
> frustrated that so many would prefer to encode scripts that have
> audiences of less than a hundred people over characters that would be
> of great use to millions.

Tengwar, certainly. There are quite a few people who've gone to the
trouble of making tengwar fonts, a quarter of a million web pages that
mention "tengwar" (and thus would probably like to write something in
them, if for no more than illustration), and certainly at least
thousands, and quite possibly hundreds of thousands, of people who
write in Tolkien's languages, but don't routinely use tengwar partly
because there's no standard way of doing it.

Yet tengwar are not yet encoded, and Shavian is!

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