Re: Emoji survey

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 00:18:48 CST

> > Tengwar has not been encoded fundamentally because nobody is
> > working to move the proposal forward (i.e., actively soliciting
> > support from the user community, writing up the documentation
> > necessary for the UTC and WG2, getting updates added to the
> > appropriate agendae for consideration). It has been proposed and
> > is currently still on the list of "scripts to encode."
> > <>
> Whereas Klingon is formally *rejected* and not on the list of
> scripts to encode for the crime of being too funny and embarrassing
> to encode. As opposed to the much more dignified POOP emoji.

The whole reasoning for and against encoding emojis reminds me to the
Flying Spaghetti Monster case:

In case emoji are encoded, Klingon should be encoded also :-)


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