Zhuang Han (was: Re: Emoji survey)

From: Doug Ewell (doug@ewellic.org)
Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 17:52:33 CST

<vunzndi at vfemail dot net> wrote:

> The [Zhuang Han] proposal first has to go though a national approval
> process, this involves a number of department and takes several years.
> Submission is then to the IRG, approval here may well take 7 years,
> then 3 or more years to go get through WG2 and SG2.

This took me by surprise too. Is it typical for the IRG to spend 7
years to process a proposal that is being actively pursued?

I'm aware that some proposals have taken 10 or more years, such as Old
Hungarian and Egyptian hieroglyphics, but usually these are proposals
that have sat around for a significant percentage of that time, waiting
for additional information, interest, or funding. No proposal that is
well defined and actively supported should take 10 years.

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