Re: Emoji survey

From: Andrew West (
Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 18:33:23 CST

2008/12/29 James Kass <>
> I suspect that some users may employ a core subset of those
> emoticons in a consistent fashion. I further suspect that most
> of those core emoticons already exist as valid characters in Unicode.
> These Japanese vendors have already rejected such valid characters
> in favor of private use characters which are used to reference
> their cute little graphics for exchange purposes. So I suspect
> that they may well continue to reject valid Unicode characters in
> order to ensure that their cute little graphics can go on being
> exchanged.

I too suspect that. I further suspect that if emoji are encoded
outside the BMP (as they must be because of space constraints).
vendors will doubly reject using the new Unicode characters because of
perceived difficulties in processing supra-BMP characters. All in all
I will be extremely suprised if encoding emoji makes the slightest
difference as to how Japanese vendors exchange these graphics.


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