Re: Emoji survey

Date: Mon Dec 29 2008 - 04:13:45 CST

Quoting "Andrew West" <>:

> 2008/12/29 James Kass <>
>> I suspect that some users may employ a core subset of those
>> emoticons in a consistent fashion. I further suspect that most
>> of those core emoticons already exist as valid characters in Unicode.
>> These Japanese vendors have already rejected such valid characters
>> in favor of private use characters which are used to reference
>> their cute little graphics for exchange purposes. So I suspect
>> that they may well continue to reject valid Unicode characters in
>> order to ensure that their cute little graphics can go on being
>> exchanged.
> I too suspect that. I further suspect that if emoji are encoded
> outside the BMP (as they must be because of space constraints).
> vendors will doubly reject using the new Unicode characters because of
> perceived difficulties in processing supra-BMP characters. All in all
> I will be extremely suprised if encoding emoji makes the slightest
> difference as to how Japanese vendors exchange these graphics.

"vanity vanity all is vanity".

Though I suppose an optimist might think that the result could be
support for all unicode planes by the vendors.

John Knightley

> Andrew

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