Re: Emoji: emoticons vs. literacy

From: James Kass (
Date: Sat Jan 03 2009 - 21:56:51 CST

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    What do the real users think?

    Google search on key words: emoji icon

    "Hack Enables Japanese Emoji Icons on iPhone Firmware 2.2; No ..."

    "How to Enable Emoji Icons on iPhone 2.2 | Simon Blog"

    "Japanese cell phone emoji graphical icon usage » 世論 What Japan ..."

    "Enabling Emoji Icon using Cydia..."

    This Apple page does not call emoji icons. There is a graphic
    on that page showing a message which reads "I <multicolored
    blob resembling a heart> emoji." If that author loved plain
    text, that author would have used a character instead of
    a picture. The expression of fondness for emoji is followed
    by what appears to be a random string consisting of five
    icons. Can anyone translate those pictures into words for
    us, please? (The pictures are yellow smiley, green frog head,
    CD-Rom disk, a picture of Mt. Fuji(?), a rocket ship (?),
    and contemporary Japanese flag.)

    "Emoji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"
    "...and the icons are standardized and built into the handsets..."

    "Articles about emoji icon support - Appletell"

    "iPhone 2.2 OS to feature Google Maps Street View and other goodies?"
    "...Emoji icons - little picture characters used to spice up messages ..."

    "YouTube - How to Get the EMOJI ICONS on your iPhone or iPod Touch"

    "How To Enable Emoji Icons Systemwide On Your iPhone"

    (emoji icons on iphone)

    (emoji icons on iphone)

    "Emoji Icons // BlogCatalog Topic // BlogCatalog"

    Well, #13 strikes me as a fortuitous place to stop. Using the
    above key words without enclosing them with quotations finds
    about 91900 hits. How far would anyone have to go to find
    a page in those results saying anything like "emoji are not icons"?

    (In case you thought I stopped at 13 because 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,
    and 20 didn't support my premise, you'd be wrong.)

    Best regards,

    James Kass

    P.S. - You have to look at number eight above sideways. I thought
    David Starner might enjoy something different from what his
    system usually gives for a change.

    P.P.S. - Of course, any wishing to make a Google search
    on key words "emoji are not icons" is free to do so. I did.

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