Emoji & PUA

From: Christopher Fynn (chris.fynn@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 22:05:51 CST

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    vunzndi@vfemail.net wrote:

    > If if extensive use of a PUA character set is grounds for encoding
    > then the question is how to decide when PUA usage is sufficient
    > for encoding.

    Indeed. There is at least one *national* Standard, GB/T20524-2006
    ("Tibetan Coded Character Set Extension A") which uses the PUA
    [F300-F8FF]. Part B of this standard uses F0000-F16FF.

    These national standards are essentially extensive sets of precomposed
    Tibetan ligatures previously rejected by UTC and WG2 for encoding that
    China then decided to encode in the PUA.

    - Chris

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