Re: Emoji & compatibility characters

From: David Starner (
Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 22:43:08 CST

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    On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 11:00 PM, Christopher Fynn <> wrote:
    > Leaving aside the fact that many of the emoji go way beyond what most
    > people would reasonably consider to be part of plain text, removing
    > the "pre-existing character set" limitation seems to open the door to
    > any entity, large or influential enough to create or establish a
    > de-facto or official "standard" of some sort, to eventually get the
    > characters in such a set encoded as compatibility characters.
    > Is Unicode sure it wants to go down this road?

    Does Unicode have an option? The market pressures to support other
    standards didn't just disappear and people expect to be able to
    roundtrip their information through Unicode without problems.

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