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From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue Jan 06 2009 - 00:45:57 CST

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    Peter Constable wrote:

    >> By the way, one of the reasons I have spoken out strongly against
    >> having the 10 flag-icon-based-locale-symbols in the emoji sets
    >> being turned into an excuse for an open-ended scheme for encoding
    >> flags as characters is because I *agree* with John's general
    >> contention about the inappropriateness of using characters to
    >> represent entities that are essentially images, rather than
    >> text symbols.

    > I've the same inclination as Ken here. And this is a clear indicator of the contention I made the other day that it's premature to suggest that UTC is heading off the deep end of encoding arbitrary graphic entities as characters.

    This seems to me merely inconsistent. There is a set of images that are
    being treated as if they were text using a non-standard encoding. Now
    there is a proposal to standardise that encoding so that search engines
    can perpetuate the treatment of these images as text. But members of the
    standards body are objecting that some of the images are more
    'essentially' images than other images? An animated image of steaming
    turd is less essentially an image than a flag, fluttering or otherwise?
    It is more of a 'text symbol'?

    This makes no sense to me. Although I disagree with Mark Crispin about
    whether the emoji should be encoded, I agree with him that the encoding
    of the proposed emoji set should be all or nothing. I don't see any
    basis for picking and choosing that isn't arbitrary and counter to the
    rationale for encoding emoji at all.

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