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Date: Tue Jan 06 2009 - 03:07:33 CST

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    >>> By the way, one of the reasons I have spoken out strongly against
    >>> having the 10 flag-icon-based-locale-symbols in the emoji sets
    >>> being turned into an excuse for an open-ended scheme for encoding
    >>> flags as characters is because I *agree* with John's general
    >>> contention about the inappropriateness of using characters to
    >>> represent entities that are essentially images, rather than
    >>> text symbols.
    >> I've the same inclination as Ken here. And this is a clear indicator
    >> of the contention I made the other day that it's premature to suggest
    >> that UTC is heading off the deep end of encoding arbitrary graphic
    >> entities as characters.
    > This seems to me merely inconsistent... But members of the
    > standards body are objecting that some of the images are more
    > 'essentially' images than other images? An animated image of steaming
    > turd is less essentially an image than a flag, fluttering or otherwise?
    > It is more of a 'text symbol'?

    I think you may have mis-read Ken's comment: he didn't say he's against encoding the 10 flags; he said he's against an open-ended flag-encoding scheme (i.e., encoding those in an open block with room to add lots more flags later on).


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