Re: Proposed (MC) Marque de Commerce and/or (MD) Marque Depose?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 14:46:08 CST

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    > ALEX BLAISE wrote:
    > > Has there is there currently a proposal submitted to implement (MC) Marque
    > > de Commerce and/or (MD) Marque Depose superscript characters? (MC) is the
    > > French equivalent for  and (MD) is the equivalent for ®. I have not found
    > > any character combinations in the Pipeline Table or Code Charts.

    and Mark Shoulson asked:
    > Would ™ U+2122 TRADE MARK SIGN have been encoded if it hadn't already
    > been in legacy encodings?


    > Or would it just be represented by
    > higher-level markup?

    Yes, when you need to superscript it.

    Quoting from someone on this topic who presumably is in
    a position to know:

    "On the basis of 14 years' experience working in IP law firms,
    and on my qualification as a Canadian registered trade mark agent,
    the correct translation of 'marque déposée' is 'registered
    trade-mark'. This is represented by an encircled capital R.
    This differs from the term 'marque de commerce' (MC in French,
    TM in English) which denotes a trade-mark in which a company
    is asserting its rights, but has not yet succeed[ed] in
    registering it. This distinction applies in Canada, France
    and the United States."

    It seems clear that the abbreviations for trade-mark and
    marque de commerce (and for that matter, also service mark)
    can be represented simply with existing Latin letters,
    and if they are to be superscripted, once simply uses
    whatever generic superscript mechanism you have to hand
    in rich text. End of story. Has worked for years and should
    continue to work.


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