Re: Emoji: emoticons vs. literacy

From: Michael D'Errico (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 22:37:51 CST

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    >> The limitation of Unicode to plain text is actually just a policy[...]
    >> Unicode should be about enabling communication, not just that
    >> communication which happens to use fonts. (Note I'm not saying
    >> Unicode should be used for all forms of communication, but text-ness
    >> should not be an absolute requirement.)
    > Please tell me you did not just say that.

    I did say it and stand behind it. The PUA allows you to handle non-
    text data directly in Unicode inside your application. Such use can
    be very powerful. To say that that power must remain trapped inside
    your application because it is not text is unnecessarily restrictive.

    The emoji illustrate this power -- transmitting fully animated color
    images in a few bytes is an efficient use of bandwidth. I disagree
    with the decision to keep the 1:1 code point to emoji ratio and have
    advocated instead a multi-code-point solution from a small emoji
    "script" to allow for future expansion of the emoji set without the
    need to come back to the UTC for more assignments.


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