Re: Emoji: emoticons vs. literacy

From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 23:49:50 CST

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    Michael D'Errico wrote:

    > The PUA allows you to handle non-
    > text data directly in Unicode inside your application. Such use can
    > be very powerful. To say that that power must remain trapped inside
    > your application because it is not text is unnecessarily restrictive.

    > The emoji illustrate this power -- transmitting fully animated color
    > images in a few bytes is an efficient use of bandwidth.

    Indeed. But what we learn from this is that the technology used for text
    encoding and interchange may be adaptable to other kinds of content, not
    that all content is text. My objection to encoding most of the proposed
    emoji characters in Unicode is that this makes Unicode a dumping ground
    for things that are outside of Unicode's stated remit. Further, having
    seen how much time is required of how many people to manage a text
    encoding standard, I am concerned that this standard organisation, as
    currently constituted and with its agreements with ISO and other
    organisations, should not be taking on the task of encoding non-textual

    Your suggestion, Michael, is to modify how the Unicode standard works in
    order to encode emoji and similar non-text content in a flexible and
    extensible way. My suggestion is that this content belongs in a
    different standard altogether, one that is focused on non-text content.

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