Re: Emoji: emoticons vs. literacy

From: Michael D'Errico (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 23:08:59 CST

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    >> The limitation of Unicode to plain text is actually just a policy.
    > The existence of Unicode is actually just a policy. There is no innate
    > reason why Unicode should exist at all. It wasn't something some creator
    > god did on an 8th day because it felt like expanding into information
    > science having spent the past week getting its hands dirty.

    This seems like an overreaction.

    > The "just" in "just a policy" is an unjustified "just".

    There is a portion of Unicode called the private use area (PUA) where
    you are free to assign any code point to whatever you want. Absolutely
    anything. There is nothing, technically, preventing non-PUA code points
    from being assigned to something that isn't plain text. Policy dictates
    that only plain text characters are encoded at present.

    >> The emoji may not be text, but they do communicate an idea.
    > So does punching someone when an argument in a tavern turns escalates to
    > a pub-brawl. I propose we encode this first, as it has both greater
    > history and geographical distribution. How can we not encode it,
    > considering the importance to the lives of such great communicators as
    > Christopher Marlowe (albeit, primarily in making that life shorter).

    I take it that you are against encoding the emoji then?

    >> Unicode
    >> should be about enabling communication, not just that communication
    >> which happens to use fonts.
    > Why?

    Because it can.

    >> (Note I'm not saying Unicode should be
    >> used for all forms of communication,
    > Why not? What criterion do we use beyond your personal feelings about a
    > particular form of communication? I do not think that criterion will scale.

    Video clips and digitized sound files probably would not encode well;
    my personal feelings have nothing to do with it.


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