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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 02:01:53 CST

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    On 12/01/2009, Peter Constable <> wrote:
    > People better check some facts before making conjectures: you've been able
    > to add colour, emoji and "winks" (animated images) to Live Messenger chat
    > messages for a while, but Live Messenger uses RTF, not plain text. So, maybe
    > the things being added to Live chat messages are proliferating (I'd say they
    > are), but not in plain text.

    Peter, the young woman in Las Vegas shown on the BBC news clip claimed
    to be demonstrating Windows 7 - first she demoed a bunch of touch
    screen navigation stuff including moving and zooming in on sattelite
    images, and then changing the angle of view from above to sideways at
    street level -nice stuff if it was a real demo running in real time on
    a normal piece of kit and not a cached or recorded mock up.

    Near the end of the demo she showed adding emoji like animated
    thingies to what looked to me like Live Messenger - and the messages
    changed appearance depending on emoji selected. She highlighted this
    segment by saying it was her "favourite feature". Live Messenger may
    indeed be a seperate product the but this was supposed a Windows 7
    demo and she was using this emoji "feature" to promote Windows 7. The
    average person viewing the clip - which was broadcast round the world
    - would have assumed this was a Windows 7 feature.

    My point was simply that animated graphics emoji are being used by
    large companies like Microsoft to market software, telephones etc. ~
    and, if this is a successful strategy (and I expect they've already
    tested it with focus groups etc.), I expect there will be a demand for
    more (whether encoded as plain characters or rich text) and we will
    see more of these little animated beasties popping up all over the
    place - likely to include further encoding proposals.

    - Chris

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