Re: Emoji-- all or nothing?

Date: Tue Jan 13 2009 - 11:50:40 CST

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    Quoting "Andrew West" <>:

    > 2009/1/12 Rick McGowan <>:
    >> However, in my opinion there would be significant "practical harm" created
    >> by the *addition* of company logos and trademarked symbols. We would
    >> certainly see a constant stream of requests to add such characters to the
    >> standard, as all those companies would quickly get on the bandwagon and view
    >> it as a great source of free advertising and legitimacy. I never
    >> under-estimate the ability of corporations to find new ways of getting their
    >> names and logos in front of more eyes!
    > I know, we could designate Plane 13 as a Corporate Use Area, and
    > accept registrations of corporate logos as characters in this plane
    > (let's call it the "Corporate Registration Allocated Plane") at $1,000
    > a character -- and the money Unicode earns from it could be put
    > towards encoding real scripts and characters.

    $1,000 is definitely not enough.

    Wasn't the expression "Corporate Use Area" used by some in times pass
    as a alternative name for the PUA. :-)

    John K

    > Andrew

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