Re: Obsolete characters

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 07:34:30 CST

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    > Note that there may have been some confusion from my message. By "obsolete"
    > or "archaic", we don't mean that the character itself is deprecated or that
    > people shouldn't use it; what we mean is that it isn't customarily used in
    > modern languages in typical publications (corner newspapers, magazines,
    > etc.). For example, you wouldn't expect to see words written in Cuneiform in
    > the NY Times. Of course, they may occur in technical journals, especially
    > those dealing with archaic languages, or have occasional decorative use.
    > Mark

    ISO 639-3 defines a Type field which has a similar purpose - maybe you
    could borrow their definitions:

    Andrew Miller

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