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Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 12:58:03 CST

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    Under the Macintosh version of Firefox 3, I get Apple's LastResort
    'Undefined' character (it comes up as an outsized black box in the
    title bar, as it cannot render correctly at anything <36pts Ś and even
    then only the diagonal lines display clearly, whilst the word
    'UNDEFINED' and hex codes '0000' and 'FFFF' are only barely visible).

      As for the actual body of the page, I get Code 2000's 'special
    glyph' showing that the undisplayable character is living at code
    point 1E9E.

    Same thing in Camino 1.6.5, except that there is a question mark in
    the body (an ordinary one, not the white one in a black diamond).

    Final test was under Safari 3.2.1 for Macintosh. The text in the title
    bar is the same as in the other two, whilst the body contains the
    traditional hollow box used when a character can't be displayed.

    Any ideas where a freeware font containing the Gro▀es Eszett may be
    obtained from?

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