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Date: Sat Jan 31 2009 - 17:16:50 CST

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    -On [20090131 23:32], Samuel Thibault ( wrote:
    >Here I do not really care about how things are pronounced, but what they

    But then still, a single kanji may have 1-5 meanings, and used in a compound
    it may get a whole different meaning.

    Take for example the kanji for love, ai (U+611B, 愛), it can also be read as
    megumi, being a female's name, just as it can be ai, a female's name (and
    about 15-20 other female names), as well as, ai, the concept of love or

    Then I won't mention stuff like okurigana and the likes yet, where the
    addition of hiragana at the end of the kanji can indicate yet another
    meaning of a word.

    So unless you use a morphological analyser (mecab, chasen), you are going to
    lose a lot of information if you insist on a raw one to one mapping from
    kanji to English.

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