Re: Braille, CJK and unicode

From: Samuel Thibault (
Date: Sat Jan 31 2009 - 17:07:56 CST

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    > For Chinese braille is written phonetically - which means that
    > different languages and dialects pronounce the same character in
    > different ways. Also some characters vary their pronunciation
    > dependent on context.
    > Chinese text to speech software would be one solution.
    > In short CJK to braille is not a one to one process and something that
    > goes beyond the encoding model of unicode.

    Yes, I know. But you're not solving my problem: different kanjis have
    the same pronunciation, so be they rendered as braille, as speech,
    or using the unihan pronunciation field, it still doesn't solve the
    ambiguity. So I need, for each kanji, a small text describing its


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