Timezone Mappings

From: Bob Spryn (robert.spryn@hivelive.com)
Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 13:01:20 CST

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    Hey all,

    So I've been trying to map timezone id's on my own until I found this

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like this proposal:


    corresponds to the

    mapTimezones type="metazones"

    section of the supplementalData.xml.

    Am I to understand that the territories marked territory="001" are the
    preferred Olson Id's for all the territories sharing the same "other"
    attribute? ex other="Africa_Central".

    This is my impression, although it seems to have a few mapped
    different than I would have expected. For example, on that original
    document (first link in this e-mail), America/Cayman is listed in a
    separate "unique" section than America/New_York because Cayman doesn't
    respect DST. However in this XML document, it is placed under New_York.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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