Re: Amusing use of Unicode

From: John Burger (
Date: Fri Mar 13 2009 - 06:58:01 CST

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    Mark Davis wrote:

    > A service ( that makes really tinyurls, eg
    > http://➡.ws/笍

    Note that these are only tiny =visually=, of course. Below is the URL
    for the Unicode web site and two "tinied" versions:

    In UTF8, the latter two are exactly the same size, 17 bytes, so
    tinyarro doesn't save you any space in Twitter, say. Arguably,
    is inherently better because the invariant part of the tinied URL is
    shorter: 13 bytes
       http://➡.ws/ 14 bytes

    The tinyarro version has interoperability problems, as has been noted,
    and certainly cannot be written down and typed in later. Amusing,
    indeed, but I see it as little more.

    - John D. Burger

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