Re: Runes in "The Hobbit"

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 15:11:12 CST

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    > I have always wanted that Windows documents a reliable and open way to extend its script support with external addons, without necessarily requiring an OS upgrade:
    > * the layout engine rules
    > * the list of scripts in the IE configuration panel,
    > * the character properties database,
    > * the OpenType features addons for complex scripts (so that specific OT features required to support complex scripts get immediately recognized, without specific modifications to applications with having to rewrite their own custom text renderer).
    > * common sets of default features
    > * the set of encoding blocks
    > * cnigurable default fallbacks (with alternate character composition of with other fonts) for fonts with missing glyphs.
    > All this should be centralized in a better locales management applications.

    While I'm no way calling to abandone OpenType and UniScribe, I'd like
    to point out why
    the Graphite system is extremely convincing. It's its possibility of
    having "features" and "complex" script behaviour set up by the font
    designer completely, so there are no bottlenecks like certain font
    behaviour not working with Latin script due to the limitations of the
    rendering engine _assuming_ that Latin is not a complex script, &c or
    like features having to go through a formal registry, or having to
    name your stylistic features unintuitively ss01, ss02, etc, you can
    have the feature be called "alternative Capital ENG", or whatever.

    Unfortunately, AFAIK support of the Graphite system by major vendors
    is "limited", the least to say.

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