Re: Byzantine ekpohonetic neumes: any free font?

From: Petr Tomasek (
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 17:05:23 CST

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    On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 06:14:41PM +0100, Petr Tomasek wrote:
    > Hello!
    > Could You, please recommend any (free) font (if there is a such) for
    > greek + byzantine ekphonetic neumes (U+1D003..U+1D014)?
    > Thank You!
    > Petr Tomasek

    OK, I found a free font here:

    Unfortunately it doesn't encode the greek together with the neumes...
    Actually I wonder, are the ekphonetic neumes encoded as standalone
    characters? Shouldn't they be more like a diacritics (like the hebrew
    "accents" - "teamim" [U+0591..U+05AE] are)?

    See e.g. this:

    (Taken from:
      Prophetologium, Carsten Høeg; Günter Zunz (ed.), Københaven: Levin & Munksgaard, 1935.
    See also:
      Carsten Høeg. La notation ekphonétique, Københaven: Levin & Munksgaard, 1935.)

    Thank You,
    Petr Tomasek

    Petr Tomasek <>

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